Pets wearing jewelry

So, Pets Wearing Jewelry. It’s a thing.


While we here at Personalized Boutique don’t explicitly condone putting jewelry on your pets – we acknowledge ones right to do so. And we won’t judge.

petjewelry-3With that being said, we much prefer PEOPLE wearing jewelry CELEBRATING their furry friends! Pet Jewelry

But as the kids say – it’s all good.
We will sell you a 14k white gold diamond dog bone charm:


Diamond Dog Bone Pendant

What you choose to do with it is your business…



“The Kids” mommy charms from Rona K

You’ve seen them…those cute little “Kids” charms with the different poses:

These were created by New York jeweler Stanley Cohen in 1990, to address the need for something a little finer and more elegant for moms/grandmoms to represent their precious kids/grandkids.

Rona K Kids was born, and we are proud to say we have been carrying this iconic line of “Kids” charms since their inception.

Now available in many different configurations, with birthstones and diamonds if you wish.

See them all HERE

Thanks Stanley!

Couples Jewelry – it’s not just for 13 year-olds…

The other day my cousin asked me if I made “promise rings” – he wanted to get one for his girlfriend. He’s 52.

As much as I wanted to make fun of him – full disclosure: I DID ask him if his girlfriend was 12 – I realized that the whole concept of wearing “couples” jewelry is actually making a comeback…among adults!


His & Hers Jewelry from Alison & Ivy

Jennifer Anniston and Justin Theroux even wear matching 14K Gold Name Rings, although they kind of lose points for wearing their OWN names instead of each others. Oh vanity, celeb be thy name:


Large 14K Gold Name Rings

Jennifer Anniston and Justin Theroux

Jennifer Anniston and Justin Theroux with their fabulous matching name rings

The matching name ring thing is really hot right now actually, and let’s face it – it’s a great way to show your love without being quite so…permanent.


Lockets – an open-and-shut case

The locket (a pendant that opens to reveal a space used for storing a photograph or other small item) has been around a LONG time. It’s true – Google it.
Originally worn with a hand painted portrait of a loved one inside, they became more popular with the invention of the daguerreotype photo in the 1840s.


             1850 Daguerreotype Photo

This original form of photography would require the subject to sit for about 30 minutes to capture an image, and was originally reserved for the aristocracy. Lockets became a way to carry a daguerreotype, which was already fused to glass. The industrial revolution and the advancement of photography made lockets accessible to everyday people. Like us.

While many people still insert photo’s into lockets the old fashioned way, there are new methods of fusing a photo image directly onto a gold or silver plate which is then fused onto the locket for a more permanent – and waterproof – solution.


We also put all different types of things inside them, including little charms made to dance inside clear lockets like our own Diamond Circle Lockets.


There are also Prayer Holder and Ash Holder Lockets, specifically designed to hold things other than photo’s so they can be worn inconspicuously yet close to the heart.


See all we have to offer – locketwise – HERE!


2014 VMA’s vs Emmy’s – jewelry smackdown edition

So Sunday and Monday we had the one-two punch of the MTV Video Music Awards and 2014 Prime Time Emmy Awards, respectively. It was two nights of high fashion and over-the-top glitziness that I’m still trying to process.

As pure spectacle I have to give it to MTV, but for old-school Hollywood glamor the Emmy’s won out. Are there any hot new jewelry trends we noticed? Not really – but boy, do these celebrities LOVE to dress up!

In the Emmy earrings department, Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik went with an understated pair of Sapphire & Diamond studs to accentuate the ornate Sapphire necklace she was wearing.

MayimBialik-emmy beyonce-vma1
Meanwhile, at the VMA’s, Beyoncé decided to skip the ornate neck jewelry altogether and just hang two giant chandeliers from her ears.

Orange is the New Black’s Taylor Schilling was a good example of the Emmy-wide trend of minimalism, choosing not to wear anything around her neck.

TaylorSchilling-emmy 2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals
Amber Rose took a different route at the VMA’s, wearing a silver chain – and ONLY a silver chain – as her entire dress. Well played Amber, well played.

And finally, lovely Hayden Panettiere of the hit show Nashville graced the Emmy red carpet with the simplest of accessories: a small jeweled clutch and a baby bump.

Hayden-Panettiere KatyPerry-vma1
Katy Perry
, on the other hand, rocked the VMA red carpet in vintage blue denim – accessorized with various cowboy-themed jewelry…and some dude named Riff Raff.

Rock on.

Is Engraved Bar Necklace the new Script Name Necklace? Hmmm…

Has the classic script “Carrie” style nameplate been replaced by a simple engraved bar?
It’s such a simple design, really. A plain, polished (or brushed) horizontal bar, engraved with one or two names, in 14k gold or sterling silver with a matching gold or silver chain. Could this really be the personalized piece that finally dethrones the iconic Carrie Bradshaw Name Necklace made famous on Sex in the City??

NP-8-y BAR-Y1

Exhibit A: They have been worn by A LOT of celebs lately

emma-watson-bar-necklace Emma-bar JessicaAlba21 katehudson rosebyrne

Exhibit B: They have quietly become our #1 selling item in lots of different metal types and shapes

ENB01-SS1 ENP05-14K1 ENP13-14K1 ENP16-SS1

Exhibit C: Carrie does NOT look happy


5 really bad Father’s Day gifts – and thoughtful alternatives

Father’s Day 2014 is Sunday, June 15th.
If you like your father even a little, please don’t get him any of the following really bad Father’s Day gifts.
We have provided thoughtful alternatives, because we are thoughtful like that.

You’re welcome.


Any type of “World’s Greatest Dad” paraphernalia. Eventually he will run into other World’s Greatest Dads…and then it’s just awkward.


Instead, how about a custom engraved Stainless Steel Dog Tag with Diamond?


Try not to get him something that forces him to do household chores – ESPECIALLY if it will make him look ridiculous doing it!








Wouldn’t a 14k gold Father’s Birthstone Ring be a much better choice?



OK, dad’s lost his hair. Don’t remind him of it…or make him look like Guy Fieri



Get him a tasteful custom engraved Stainless Steel Jumbo ID Bracelet instead

















Yes, he loves Barbeque. He does not want to SMELL like BBQ. We hope



A Photo Dog Tag with his “angels” is a much better call.


And finally, if you don’t know why this is NOT a good Father’s Day present…


…then you should probably get dad one of THESE as well.

Name Rings – 7 new styles you just might love

While name & monogram necklaces are STILL our number one sellers, name rings are not far behind. People have been wearing their names on their fingers for well over 50 years, and the tried-and-true classic “script name with tail” is still going strong today:


Classic 14K Gold Large Script Name Ring w/Tail

Now, a classic is a classic, but if you’re willing to step outside the box a little the following name ring styles might be just what the jeweler ordered:


14K Gold Wire-Style Name Ring


14K Gold Curved Script Name Ring


Fancy Cut-out Couples Name Ring
(shown in Rose Gold Plated over Sterling Silver)


14K Gold Relief-Style Script Name Ring


Sterling Silver Two Finger Name Ring


Sterling Silver/Yellow Gold Plated Birthstone Ring with Name


Sterling Silver Roman Numeral Ring


South Beach Tow Jewelry Shocker!

OK, so there’s nothing really “shocking” about this post, I just thought the overly dramatic title fit the tone of the subject matter.

As you may or may not know, the truTV Network films a ‘reality’ show down here called South Beach Tow. The show is centered around the real-life Miami towing company Tremont Towing and it’s employees, although like most reality shows today it’s questionable how much REAL reality is actually portrayed.


What I CAN tell you is real is the jewelry we have made for some members of the ‘cast’.

One of the most popular of the Tremont crew is Bernice, and lately she has been sporting a custom 3-dimensional Old English “Bernice” nameplate with matching two-tone chain.


Word is that Bernice loves her nameplate and likes to wear it even when they’re not filming the show.

Another cast member/employee – Jerome – recently got into some hot water with his Fiance Wanda and had to smooth things over by presenting her with her very own custom 3D script name necklace. Wanda swooned over the necklace and true love prevailed.




While it’s always exciting to be making jewelry for television shows (we’ve done so in the past for Ugly Betty, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and The Game to name just a few), I’m not going to pretend this show is anything but escapist fun.

Although if Bernice DOES wind up winning an Emmy, she’d better be wearing our necklace during her acceptance speech!


Is quality a dirty word in jewelry?

I recently had another jeweler tell me we make our monogram necklaces too thick.
Now, this is a nice guy who specializes more in diamonds and diamond jewelry so he’s not as familiar with the type of personalized custom jewelry we specialize in – but when he was visiting the shop one day and saw a 14k gold monogram we were finishing up, he couldn’t hide his consternation:


Our classic 14K Gold Monogram Initial Necklaces

“These are too thick” he said. “Why do you still make them the same thickness you did years ago when the price of gold is so much higher now?” He said we could probably go down a thickness gauge (or two) and no one would even notice.
While he may have a point – and while it’s true we could probably get away with using a thinner metal and charge a little less – somehow it just wouldn’t feel right.

It’s challenging selling custom jewelry online, where people can’t touch and feel the quality of your work and have to go strictly by your reputation and other customers reviews. But I know that when people receive the jewelry we make they are generally NOT disappointed, and that’s important to us.
It’s the same reason why we always try to include sturdy link chains with lobster clasps with our pendants and necklaces. Someone might not notice it right away, but somewhere down the line when they are still enjoying their jewelry they’ll be thankful someone went the extra mile for them.


Sturdy 14k gold diamond-cut cable link chain with lobster clasp – included on most of our pendants/necklaces

Henry Ford said, “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”


I think I’m with Henry on this :-)