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Say Cheez…

I get a lot of e-mails every day.


My favorites are the ones asking for random things you would never think could be made into jewelry.
Yesterday I got an e-mail from a girl who was searching for someone to make her a golden “Cheez-It” pendant she could wear on a chain.

A normal person would just say no, right? Am I crazy beacause I think this is a great idea??
I mean…a Cheez-It.

Stay tuned…

When a Nameplate isn’t a "Name" plate

Hey, we’re in the latest (June/July) issue of CosmoGirl magazine.

It’s a fashion/photo spread with actress Krysten Ritter (“What Happens in Vegas”, the upcoming “Confessions of a Shopaholic”) and in one of the shots she’s sporting our “Classic Script” name necklace:

When the magazine contacted us they had asked for two nameplates; one with her name “Krysten” and one that just said “Cinema”.
Well, the “Cinema” one is the one they used for the piece (I’m not really sure what the meaning is. I guess maybe it’s to signify that she’s a former model turned actress and now she’s into Cinema?), but the fact is that over the years we have made tons of “nameplates” for peope that didn’t actually feature their names.

Some have been pretty crazy.

We have done nicknames-think “Snickerdoodle” “BubbleButt”…etc; descriptive phrases such as”SurferGurl” “Diva” “DomesticGoddess” and such; some mildly racy ones: “Slave”, “PurseWhore” (I kid you not), and some flat-out X-Rated ones that I really don’t feel comfortable sharing here.
Trust me.

I’m not a prude, but I have actually had a few requests over the years that even I just coudn’t bring myself to make.
I’m not talking your run-of-the-mill “dirty words you can’t say on TV”, but some really disturbing stuff.
Stuff that left me…speechless.

Dude, you don’t need a nameplate, you need THERAPY 😉

Hey mom…

Maryann is the matriarch of Personalized Boutique.

She was born March 14th, 1931 in New York City.

Her and my late father Sam moved down to South Florida in 1979 and started the company, and she still comes into work every day.

She has 4 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.

Did I mention that she still comes into work every single day?

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!


OK, I’m starting to get excited.

We’re going to Las Vegas the end of this month for the annual JCK Jewelry Show.
It’s basically a chance for jewelry manufacturers from all over the world to show off their designs. It’s also a great way to see the newest, cutting-edge jewelry making equipment.

Mostly, it’s a great excuse to get away and have some fun in Vegas.

As much fun as jewelers can have.

Less fun than airline pilots.

But more fun than dentists.