Monthly Archives: June 2008

Not nice.

OK, I wasn’t sure if I should bring this up or not because I usually try to keep these posts pretty light…and fairly pointless.

But here goes:
People (especially other jewelers) often ask me how we can afford to offer a full money-back satisfaction guarantee on all of our jewelry since most of our pieces are custom made. As far as I know we’re the ONLY online name jewelry company that does this.

The simple answer is that we make nice stuff. Even though we make thousands of name necklaces a year we rarely get returns on them because people generally love them when they receive them.
Since we’re basically a virtual company and people can’t actually see/hold our jewelry until they receive it, we figure it’s the least we can do to assure first-time customers we’re the real deal.
No biggie.

These past few weeks though, we suddenly started getting quite a few nameplate returns.
Hmmm, that’s strange.

I also noticed that most of them had apparently been worn, and that when they were originally ordered it was specified thay HAD to arrive before May 30th.

Did some people order a “Carrie” necklace to wear to the Sex and the City premier and then return them for a refund?

Seems so.

Oh well, I just basically wanted to vent on this for a minute.
I’m not going to make a federal case out of it.
But in the words of guidance councelor Mr. Rosso, from my favorite 80’s sitcom Freaks and Geeks:

“That is SO un-cool!”

Ugly Jewelry.

Wow, what a harsh post title.

Ugly Jewelry.

OK, let me qualify it then.
While conceding the fact that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that sometimes what one might deem “ugly” someone else might call “beautiful”, can I just say that sometimes I come across jewelry pieces that-in my opinion-are…not pretty.

We’ve been guilty ourselves.
Sometimes we make things that we think are pretty at the time, but then we look back on them and say…

This used to actually be a pretty popular nameplate style for us back in the day (the fabulous 80’s)
Debbie and Steve, if you’re still together…
I apologize.

Back from Vegas.

Spent the weekend in Vegas for the JCK Jewelry Show.
Some thoughts:

Stayed at Paris this year. Pretty nice hotel with a nice casino. Feels like you’re walking around the streets of Paris at night.
I guess. I’ve never actually been to the real Paris so I’ll have to take their word for it.

Lots of animal-themed jewelry, especially from the Hong Kong & China manufacturers.
I’m talking BIG rings and pendants of very realistic lizards, snakes, giraffes…etc LOADED with diamonds.

We actually found a few really cool things we’re going to be adding to our site in the next few weeks. It wasn’t easy. We had to wade through A LOT of boring jewelry to find them!

Most people in the jewelry business dress REALLY nice for these things.
I’m going to go on record as saying I’m definitely NOT one of those people.

In fact, if you ever see me in a suit and tie it means that either someone is getting married or someone has died.
One of the very first jewelry shows I ever attended was at the convention center in Orlando Florida, and next door to the jewelry show was a construction show.

On my way to register THREE different people tried to helpfully direct me to the “World of Concrete Expo” next door.
World of Concrete???
Hey man, I’m a jeweler!