Monthly Archives: July 2008

Scrap gold selling parties…

I just started hearing about these, and it seems as if they’re getting really popular.

You host a party at your house and tell everyone you invite to bring in any scrap gold they have to sell. The party organizers (let’s call them “scrap-buying professionals”) pay your guests cash for their stuff and you get a percentage.

It’s kind of like a blinged-out Tupperware party!

Well, times ARE tough and the price of gold is at an all-time high, so I guess something like this was inevitable.

I’m going to overlook the issue of whether it’s really a good idea to have large amounts of cash and gold at your home at a specifically advertised time, and tell you the number one reason I wouldn’t host one of these things:

Two words…”grandpa’s teeth“! Blehhhh!!!

Movie Jewelry

I’m excited for the new Batman movie.

I know…I’m a nerd.

But I’m still excited.
I was wondering if there would be a re-emergance of Batman jewelry. If you remember when the original Batman movie (the one with Michael Keaton, NOT the one with George Clooney) came out, the famous “Bat” logo was everywhere.

The same thing happened after the original Superman movies:

I have a feeling that at least some of the people who buy our Lightning Bolt
pendants are Harry Potter fans.

It’s not only action/sci-fi movies. When Jennifer Lopez wore a diamond question mark in the marginally entertaining movie Monster-In-Law

it didn’t exactly hurt sales of our own version.

Soooo…go ahead, give in to your inner geek. Get some Batman bling if you want.

It could be worse.

Whatever happened to?

In jewelry and fashion in general, most things come
around again:

Lauren Conrad is rocking her
two-finger name ring on “The Hills”

Sarah Jessica Parker wore…uhh, do you own a TV?

J-Lo helped to bring back the funky name hoop

Some things haven’t quite made it back yet:

The dreaded Herringbone chain…
everyone had one in the late 70’s/early 80’s
and every one became kinked and unwearable!
If you went to high school in the 80’s,
at one point you were “taken”

and if you ladies had a lot of charms but only one chain…

Some things may never come back.