Monthly Archives: September 2008

Punk Rock Jeweler

OK, so there’s a website:

It’s basically this crazy artist that will draw anything you ask him to for $2

I asked for a punk rock jeweler:

He must be pretty busy-my drawing took almost 2 months to get.
But hey…it’s only two dollars.

Am I the only one who thinks the “middle finger” ring display is genius?

2008 Emmy Jewelry Wrap-up

Not really.

I DID watch the Emmy’s, but honestly didn’t really pay much attention to the jewelry.
The stars were definitely on a more understated glamour kick this year, with simple diamond ensembles that still probably cost more than my house.
Lauren Conrad didn’t even wear her signature two-finger name ring.
What’s up with that?

A few, like Ugly Betty star America Ferrara and Scottish actress Ashley Jensen went for the REALLY old school vintage look. We’re talking 19th century old school:

Oh, and Heidi Klum wins the award for biggest pair of butterfly earrings…ever.

Not really being a fan before, I have to admit that one of the high points of the night for me was Josh Groban’s medley of TV Theme songs, which was actually pretty awesome.

That being said, I have to admit that I love this photo mainly because it looks like that dancer is kicking his butt.

Show me your style!

The other day a man called and asked about our Diamond Star necklace for his wife. He wanted to order one but since he lives close by he wanted to come by in person to pick it up.
He came in with his wife and she loved it…put it right on her neck. It looked GREAT on her!

It actually looked 10 times better on her than it does in the boring photo on our website.

A lot of times people worry that they might not like something in person as much as they like the photo on our website.

I always tell them that if they don’t they can always return it, but chances are they will like it MORE in person.

Some things just look better ON!

So I’m making a call out for more photo’s of people wearing our stuff.

Come on, don’t be shy…

Pet jewelry? Yes. Pet everything else? No.

I get a lot of emails from companies wanting us to carry their items on our site.
Sometimes they’re not jewelry items.
Sometimes they’re not even for humans.

Yes, we do carry a small selection of jewelry for pets
(and yes, I do realize that some people think that’s a little kooky),
but I don’t really understand the solicitations to carry plastic pet toys or fancy pet leashes on our site.

There’s one company from China that sends an email every week asking if we’re interested in carrying their “very lovely dog leash & harnesses”.

Uhhh, no offense.

But no.