Monthly Archives: November 2008

Black Friday Buzz

Anyone have any Black Friday shopping plans?

My wife and older daughter are planning on going out 11:00 PM THURSDAY to hit some sales (many stores are opening at midnight)


Honestly, when we were mainly a retail store I used to dread the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Now, when I watch the news and see scenes like the above…I get all warm and fuzzy inside.

Thursday night?

Maybe I’ll watch a movie:

Computerized engraving video fun…

OK, I just got my new Blackberry:

Now I FINALLY have a cellphone with a camera!

You know what that means?

More random, meaningless photo’s like this:

I can also take short videos now.

Here’s our Gravograph Computer Engraver in action, making custom engraved dog tags for the Longmont High School volleyball players & coaches.

Is this even remotely interesting/entertaining to anyone?
Coming soon…our cocker spaniel Trixie sleeping.
Technology rules!