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Lady GaGa…

Got a call the week before last from a stylist in Los Angeles to send some jewelry over for a Lady GaGa video shoot.

Apparently it’s for her new song “Paparazzi”. The video will be directed by Jonus Akerlund, who has done video’s for U2, Madonna, Pink, Lenny Kravitz…etc.

They wanted to borrow a few of our fabulous Lightning Bolt Pendants for the shoot:

After verifying with the daughters that Lady GaGa was actually a real singer (man, I’m getting old) and verifying the stylists address, we sent them on their merry way.

I think there’s going to be quite a few actors/dancers in the video, so when it comes out be on the lookout for someone wearing our bolts.
Oh, and can I just say that when a magazine or TV show or whatever asks me for a piece of jewelry for a shoot, it’s really annoying when certain people (hello, members of my own family) say, “Wow, how did they find you?!?”
Like I’m some hillbilly living under a rock.
Don’t worry, they will NOT be invited to the Lady GaGa wrap party.

Cupcakes are done!

A few posts back I shared my trials and tribulations in creating the perfect cupcake ring/pendant.

I think we finally got it:

You can check out the entire collection HERE.

You might assume from all this that we’re a little obsessed with cupcakes here.
We are.

Whenever we take a trip back to New York City we always try to pick up a box from Magnolia’s Bakery:

“Sweet”, in Orlando, also makes some killer cupcakes:

In the words of Liz Lemon…

Acrylic Nameplates…

OK, here’s another sneak peek at something new we’re working on:

They will be acrylic nameplates in all different colors, with matching colored-steel chains.

They will be VERY reasonable!

Sorry for the crummy photo…these are still prototypes.

Comments? Suggestions?

Stay tuned…