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Death of the Charm bracelet???

Say it aint so!

I just found out that a company we have been doing business with for over 20 years (and who has been around for almost 40 years) has folded up shop.
They were based out of New jersey, and were my main source for old fashioned ‘vintage’ style charms and Calendar pendants.

This is sad.
It feels like the end of an era. With the price of gold being so high, I admit there really hasn’t been much of a market for those big, heavy charms your grandma/great-grandma had, but it was nice to know there was still a place I could get them.

Sure, we still carry the more modern style charm bracelets with smaller, diamond accented charms

and we just started carrying these new Sterling Silver Bead Style charm bracelets
which are actually pretty cool, and affordable.

But not the same.

Farewell O’ chunky charm bracelet of old that weighed a ton and you could hear coming from two blocks away, farewell!