Monthly Archives: December 2009

Best sellers of 2009…

…in case you were curious. These are the top 5 best sellers for us for 2009:

We have been making pendant versions of these for over 20 years, but only really started making this necklace version in October of this year.
A strong finisher!

The little name ring that could came up big this year.
These beat out the 14k gold ones this year. A sign of the times?

Two years in a row at number two.
Girls either love them or hate them…but A LOT of you love them!

#1 NP-8 Classic Script Name Necklace aka “The Carrie”

The look that will not die. From Australia to Hong Kong to Canada to New York to California and everywhere in-between, STILL our number one seller. Thanks Carrie Bradshaw!