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Personalized Jewelry Bestsellers for 2012

I’m not gonna lie – 2012 was a tough year for us. With the combination of a tough economy and rising materials prices, business was just OFF this year. Throw in some heartbreaking personal losses as well, and let’s just say we couldn’t wait for this year to end!

But just like Conan (the Barbarian, not O’Brien),
“that which does not kill us makes us stronger!”

So, with one last glance to the year that was – and WHAT a year it was! – I give you our Personalized Jewelry best sellers of 2012:

Number 5: Diamond Mesh Bracelet

Diamond Mesh Bracelet

This is a classic item we have carried for years, but this past year it made a big comeback.

Number 4: 14K Gold Monogram Initial Pendant

With the price of gold being high all year, many people opted for Sterling Silver or Gold Plated for the hot Monogram Initial trend. This style, made to hang on a separate chain, was the most popular in 14k gold this past year.

14K Gold Monogram InitialPendant

Number 3: Sideways Necklaces

This was a big seller in 2011 as well, and was still strongest this year with new ‘sideways necklace’ upstarts like the Sideways Initial and Sideways Arrow necklaces running close behind.

14K Gold Sideways Initial Necklace

Number 2: Sterling Silver Monogram Initial Necklace

Our classic take on the Monogram Initial Necklace in Sterling Silver was a big seller throughout the year, and still going strong.

Number 1: 14K Gold Classic Script Name Necklace

The “Carrie” Name Necklace

I know, I know – Sex and the City was FOREVER ago! But at least in our world, Carrie STILL reins supreme.

Happy New Year everyone!!