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Scientists discover way to turn metal different colors

Scientists at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom say they have discovered a method that can make metals appear to be different colors.

The method embosses tiny raised or indented patterns – called nano-patterns – onto the metal’s surface.

Can’t be certain, but I’m pretty sure this guy is MUCH smarter than me!

This is completely different than the current way colored gold jewelry is made – by alloying gold with different metals to produce different hues (such as copper for rose gold, nickel for white gold).
This new process doesn’t change the chemical composition of the metal, just its surface.These patterns basically change the way the metal absorbs and reflects light, therefore changing the color as it’s perceived.

While it’s still a new technology and has not been used for jewelry as of yet, I’m thinking SOMEONE is going to eventually figure out a way to jewelry-ize the technique 🙂

Because of the nature of gold – it doesn’t reflect blue light- only colors in the Red/Green spectrum would be possible. But for Silver, the entire rainbow spectrum could be used.

These rings are actually just enameled, but some day colored enamel might not be necessary

Some day…

Where does gold come from…and where does it go?

I found this cool infographic that breaks down all the different regions gold comes from – and where it ultimately ends up.

Interestingly, with all the talk lately of the investment value of gold – and this chart is clearly meant to feature the various forms of gold investment – the largest percentage by far (51%) is still used in the manufacture of good old-fashioned jewelry.

Take THAT Central Banks!
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