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More worst Mother’s Day gifts…

It’s never too early to start thinking about Mother’s Day (it’s Sunday, May 12th btw), and it’s DEFINITELY never too early to avoid making the following gift giving blunders.
Pay attention…for mom’s sake.

Worst Mother’s Day Gifts:

5)Kitchen stuff.
This includes appliances, dishes, and aprons with funny sayings on them.
And please note: just because the item is PINK doesn’t automatically make it an appropriate Mother’s Day present.

4)Botox Gift Certificate.
Or anything remotely related to wrinkles, getting older…etc.
Just don’t.

botox3)Health Club Membership/Weight Loss Video.
Look, it’s great to get in shape and maybe mom can afford to lose a few pounds. Mother’s Day is NOT the time to remind her.


2)Back Hair Shaver.


Moving on…

1)The dreaded “You’re-not-my-mom” non-gift.
This is for husbands who are too clever for their own good. OK, we get it, you’re a pragmatic, rational thinking person and technically you have logic on your side when it comes to your wife; she’s NOT your mother. She’s just the woman who gave birth to your precious child/children, and who nurtures and cares for them.
No present necessary? Good luck with that.



              “Aspire” Personalized Mother’s Ring

Maybe one of our new Artcarved Celebrations of Life Personalized Mother’s Ring styles?







Or something from our Posh Mommy collection?


Or how about a 14k gold bracelet with her childrens/grandchildrens names?


Better. Much better.

Someone else’s name around your neck…

As much as a classic the traditional “name necklace” has become – and it’s been around for close to 40 years now – some ladies are just not into it.

“I already KNOW my name, why would I wear it around my neck?” is a phrase I’ve heard before, from otherwise well-meaning people who didn’t realize the blasphemy they were speaking. But the wonderful news is, you can still rock a fabulous name necklace without having it be YOUR first name.

Many moms opt to wear their child’s name around their neck, and it’s actually become somewhat of a celeb trend these days.

adele angelo nameplate

Adele wearing her son Angelo’s name

beyonce blue nameplate

Beyonce sporting her daughter “Blue”

Giuliana Rancic duke nameplate

Giuliana Rancic wears her son Duke

There is also the ‘wearing your significant others name around your neck’ thing, which honestly to me seems a little obsessive – but who am I to judge?

Lea Michele cory nameplate

Glee’s Lea Michele wears her boyfriend Cory around her neck

jessica biel justin timberlake

Apparently, Jessica Biel knows someone named “Justin”











Some recently married women – or those who just love their last name – choose to wear their surname as a nameplate, which is especially chic if you have a cool-sounding name like “Steele”, or “Star”.
Not so much for “Ratzenburger”.


Your ‘Signature’ name necklace? Your SIGNATURE!

While we’re mainly known for our signature item – the “Carrie” classic script name necklace, you may not realize that we can make you YOUR signature name necklace as well.
I’m talking about your actual signature – as a nameplate!


While my own signature is basically an illegible squiggle, many people take great pride in their sig.


Some famous signatures are easily recognizable, like Abraham Lincoln’s regal script, Marilyn Monroe’s girlish loops, and John Hancock’s fancy-schmancy masterpiece:abraham lincolnmarilynjohn-hancock

Once, a big time Bettie Page fan had us recreate her pretty signature in gold – along with a couple of heart-shaped rubies:

I think Bettie would have liked it!       bettie-page Bettie Page