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Classic Jewelry – sometimes it comes back!

Being in the jewelry business for over 30 years (!!!), I’ve gotten to see some trends come and go…and sometimes come back again.

Of course the iconic Gold Name Necklace was a big staple for young girls in the 70’s, and it got a BIG boost in the late 90’s due to a certain young woman named “Carrie”.

14K Gold Classic Script “Carrie” Name Necklace

Religious jewelry never seems to go completely out of style, but every 10-15 years or so classics like the 14K Gold Crucifix Ring and Porcelain Miraculous Medal seem to re-surface.


For awhile in the 70’s it seemed that every young man at some point would get a Gold Block Initial ring to signify his ascent into manhood, while the young ladies would get a Cigar Band Style Script Monogram one. Lately I’ve been seeing both of those trends starting up again.

R827 JMGR03-3-Y

And if you grew up in the 70’s and were going steady, chances are you had a big ol’ ID Bracelet to tell the world – possibly heavier than your arm.


And guess what? They’re kind of back again…