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Is quality a dirty word in jewelry?

I recently had another jeweler tell me we make our monogram necklaces too thick.
Now, this is a nice guy who specializes more in diamonds and diamond jewelry so he’s not as familiar with the type of personalized custom jewelry we specialize in – but when he was visiting the shop one day and saw a 14k gold monogram we were finishing up, he couldn’t hide his consternation:


Our classic 14K Gold Monogram Initial Necklaces

“These are too thick” he said. “Why do you still make them the same thickness you did years ago when the price of gold is so much higher now?” He said we could probably go down a thickness gauge (or two) and no one would even notice.
While he may have a point – and while it’s true we could probably get away with using a thinner metal and charge a little less – somehow it just wouldn’t feel right.

It’s challenging selling custom jewelry online, where people can’t touch and feel the quality of your work and have to go strictly by your reputation and other customers reviews. But I know that when people receive the jewelry we make they are generally NOT disappointed, and that’s important to us.
It’s the same reason why we always try to include sturdy link chains with lobster clasps with our pendants and necklaces. Someone might not notice it right away, but somewhere down the line when they are still enjoying their jewelry they’ll be thankful someone went the extra mile for them.


Sturdy 14k gold diamond-cut cable link chain with lobster clasp – included on most of our pendants/necklaces

Henry Ford said, “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”


I think I’m with Henry on this 🙂