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South Beach Tow Jewelry Shocker!

OK, so there’s nothing really “shocking” about this post, I just thought the overly dramatic title fit the tone of the subject matter.

As you may or may not know, the truTV Network films a ‘reality’ show down here called South Beach Tow. The show is centered around the real-life Miami towing company Tremont Towing and it’s employees, although like most reality shows today it’s questionable how much REAL reality is actually portrayed.


What I CAN tell you is real is the jewelry we have made for some members of the ‘cast’.

One of the most popular of the Tremont crew is Bernice, and lately she has been sporting a custom 3-dimensional Old English “Bernice” nameplate with matching two-tone chain.


Word is that Bernice loves her nameplate and likes to wear it even when they’re not filming the show.

Another cast member/employee – Jerome – recently got into some hot water with his Fiance Wanda and had to smooth things over by presenting her with her very own custom 3D script name necklace. Wanda swooned over the necklace and true love prevailed.




While it’s always exciting to be making jewelry for television shows (we’ve done so in the past for Ugly Betty, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and The Game to name just a few), I’m not going to pretend this show is anything but escapist fun.

Although if Bernice DOES wind up winning an Emmy, she’d better be wearing our necklace during her acceptance speech!