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2014 VMA’s vs Emmy’s – jewelry smackdown edition

So Sunday and Monday we had the one-two punch of the MTV Video Music Awards and 2014 Prime Time Emmy Awards, respectively. It was two nights of high fashion and over-the-top glitziness that I’m still trying to process.

As pure spectacle I have to give it to MTV, but for old-school Hollywood glamor the Emmy’s won out. Are there any hot new jewelry trends we noticed? Not really – but boy, do these celebrities LOVE to dress up!

In the Emmy earrings department, Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik went with an understated pair of Sapphire & Diamond studs to accentuate the ornate Sapphire necklace she was wearing.

MayimBialik-emmy beyonce-vma1
Meanwhile, at the VMA’s, BeyoncĂ© decided to skip the ornate neck jewelry altogether and just hang two giant chandeliers from her ears.

Orange is the New Black’s Taylor Schilling was a good example of the Emmy-wide trend of minimalism, choosing not to wear anything around her neck.

TaylorSchilling-emmy 2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals
Amber Rose took a different route at the VMA’s, wearing a silver chain – and ONLY a silver chain – as her entire dress. Well played Amber, well played.

And finally, lovely Hayden Panettiere of the hit show Nashville graced the Emmy red carpet with the simplest of accessories: a small jeweled clutch and a baby bump.

Hayden-Panettiere KatyPerry-vma1
Katy Perry
, on the other hand, rocked the VMA red carpet in vintage blue denim – accessorized with various cowboy-themed jewelry…and some dude named Riff Raff.

Rock on.

Is Engraved Bar Necklace the new Script Name Necklace? Hmmm…

Has the classic script “Carrie” style nameplate been replaced by a simple engraved bar?
It’s such a simple design, really. A plain, polished (or brushed) horizontal bar, engraved with one or two names, in 14k gold or sterling silver with a matching gold or silver chain. Could this really be the personalized piece that finally dethrones the iconic Carrie Bradshaw Name Necklace made famous on Sex in the City??

NP-8-y BAR-Y1

Exhibit A: They have been worn by A LOT of celebs lately

emma-watson-bar-necklace Emma-bar JessicaAlba21 katehudson rosebyrne

Exhibit B: They have quietly become our #1 selling item in lots of different metal types and shapes

ENB01-SS1 ENP05-14K1 ENP13-14K1 ENP16-SS1

Exhibit C: Carrie does NOT look happy