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Lockets – an open-and-shut case

The locket (a pendant that opens to reveal a space used for storing a photograph or other small item) has been around a LONG time. It’s true – Google it.
Originally worn with a hand painted portrait of a loved one inside, they became more popular with the invention of the daguerreotype photo in the 1840s.


             1850 Daguerreotype Photo

This original form of photography would require the subject to sit for about 30 minutes to capture an image, and was originally reserved for the aristocracy. Lockets became a way to carry a daguerreotype, which was already fused to glass. The industrial revolution and the advancement of photography made lockets accessible to everyday people. Like us.

While many people still insert photo’s into lockets the old fashioned way, there are new methods of fusing a photo image directly onto a gold or silver plate which is then fused onto the locket for a more permanent – and waterproof – solution.


We also put all different types of things inside them, including little charms made to dance inside clear lockets like our own Diamond Circle Lockets.


There are also Prayer Holder and Ash Holder Lockets, specifically designed to hold things other than photo’s so they can be worn inconspicuously yet close to the heart.


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