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Couples Jewelry – it’s not just for 13 year-olds…

The other day my cousin asked me if I made “promise rings” – he wanted to get one for his girlfriend. He’s 52.

As much as I wanted to make fun of him – full disclosure: I DID ask him if his girlfriend was 12 – I realized that the whole concept of wearing “couples” jewelry is actually making a comeback…among adults!


His & Hers Jewelry from Alison & Ivy

Jennifer Anniston and Justin Theroux even wear matching 14K Gold Name Rings, although they kind of lose points for wearing their OWN names instead of each others. Oh vanity, celeb be thy name:


Large 14K Gold Name Rings

Jennifer Anniston and Justin Theroux

Jennifer Anniston and Justin Theroux with their fabulous matching name rings

The matching name ring thing is really hot right now actually, and let’s face it – it’s a great way to show your love without being quite so…permanent.