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Jewelry at the Beach…should you or shouldn’t you?


The number one question we get asked when summer comes around is: “Can I wear my jewelry at the beach or in the pool?”

The short answer is – you probably shouldn’t, but we know you will!

After this year’s never-ending and brutally cold winter, many are ready to enjoy the summer months with days spent poolside or at the sandy shore. Which leads to the question: “Should I wear my jewelry at the beach or in the pool?”


That’s a tough one, because of course when you are on vacation, you want to look fabulous. Not to mention, we see jewelry on bikini-clad women throughout our favorite fashion magazines. But is this really a good idea? The quick answer is probably not. There are lots of reasons why jewelry at the beach or poolside can end badly. The most obvious is the potential to lose a favorite piece in the waves or sand. The chemicals in chlorine from a pool or hot tub are damaging to metals; water can loosen any piece set with glue; sand can scratch a piece; and suntan lotions will gum up your gems, making them lose their shine.

SUMMERThat being said, of course jewelry can look beautiful with your favorite bikini or caftan. If you simply must wear some jewelry, maybe this is a good time to p  ull out some of your fabulous costume pieces. Pieces like this can usually hold up to more wear and tear, and should something terrible happen, you won’t be out hundreds (or thousands). Any jewelry you DO wear to the beach or pool should be cleaned afterward to remove any oils (from sun lotions), salts (from the ocean or sweat), chemicals (chlorine) and sand. Use a cleaning formula that is appropriate for the piece (ask your jeweler if you are unsure) and polish it well with a polishing cloth.

And always be SURE, SURE, SURE to completely DRY your jewelry after it gets wet, which will help more than anything to avoid the annoying dark spots – caused by oxidation – that can occur in even 14 & 18K gold jewelry.

Happy Summer from all of us at!