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Custom engraving for everyone!

Custom engraving on jewelry has come a long way. Engraving on metals used to be exclusively done by hand, with tools like these:old school Gravers2349
by dudes who looked like this:old school engraversOnly rich people could afford these custom engraved baubles.
And only rich people would use the term ‘bauble’.

Now, thanks to computer technology, custom engraving is available to all!

Drop us an email and let us know what we can create for YOU!!

More exceptionally bad Father’s Day Gifts – 2016

As a dad, I am automatically an expert on all things Father’s Day related. That’s just how it works.

While I have never personally received any of the following gifts for Father’s Day, I feel it is my duty to help the less-enlightened avoid this reaction from Dad on Father’s Day:

Here we go…

The UroClub, is basically a fake golf club specifically designed to allow dad to ‘relieve’ himself on the course without finding an actual bathroom. Privacy towel included. Not creepy at all…



The Shakoolie is basically a beer cozy meant to keep Dad’s beer icy cold – in the shower.
Because nothing says “We love you dad” more than a gift that also says “We think you may be an alcoholic.”




Gag gifts meant to subtly remind dad that he’s not the guy he used to be are never a good idea. He knows he’s going bald…no need to rub it in!

Inflatable Toupee

Inflatable Toupee


And then there’s the completely impractical gift for the ‘man who has everything’. An $89 Personalized Leather Six-Pack Holder may SEEM like a good gift. It is not.

Leather Six-Pack Holder

Leather Six-Pack Holder


Finally, taking two different things dad likes to do and combining them into one gift may sound like a good idea – in reality it can lead to something like this:

Potty Putter

Potty Putter


We can do better, people! Here’s a few suggestions – dad will thank you.

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