5 really bad Father’s Day gifts – and thoughtful alternatives

Father’s Day 2014 is Sunday, June 15th.
If you like your father even a little, please don’t get him any of the following really bad Father’s Day gifts.
We have provided thoughtful alternatives, because we are thoughtful like that.

You’re welcome.


Any type of “World’s Greatest Dad” paraphernalia. Eventually he will run into other World’s Greatest Dads…and then it’s just awkward.


Instead, how about a custom engraved Stainless Steel Dog Tag with Diamond?


Try not to get him something that forces him to do household chores – ESPECIALLY if it will make him look ridiculous doing it!








Wouldn’t a 14k gold Father’s Birthstone Ring be a much better choice?



OK, dad’s lost his hair. Don’t remind him of it…or make him look like Guy Fieri



Get him a tasteful custom engraved Stainless Steel Jumbo ID Bracelet instead

















Yes, he loves Barbeque. He does not want to SMELL like BBQ. We hope



A Photo Dog Tag with his “angels” is a much better call.


And finally, if you don’t know why this is NOT a good Father’s Day present…


…then you should probably get dad one of THESE as well.

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