Anatomy of a “proper” name necklace

The storied “classic” name necklace traces it’s history back to the 70’s, where it was a staple of many young ladies.

In the 80’s and 90’s we manufactured our nameplates for many jewelers in the NY City area. They became a huge hit with fashion conscious teens & twenty-somethings in New York and New Jersey, and eventually our classic 14k gold script design found it’s way (via Patricia Field) onto the famous neck of Carrie Bradshaw!

While there are many jewelry companies making name necklaces these days, most are sad, flimsy imitations. We STILL make our classic 14k gold name necklaces the same way we did over 30 years ago, and we STILL think ours are the best!

Here is a handy visual presentation highlighting the superiority of our Classic Script Name Necklace.
As we didn’t want to embarrass our competitors by using an actual photo of their nameplate, we have used an artists representation:

*Full disclosure: we couldn’t afford to hire an artist so I drew it. I am not an artist.

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