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REAL gold…

One of the most common questions we’re asked by potential new customers is: “Is your gold jewelry REAL gold?”

I’m always surprised we have to assure people that when we say something is 14K Gold, it’s actually SOLID 14K Gold and NOT gold filled, gold plated…etc.

Technically, ANY jewelry that is sold as gold jewelry has to be the real deal or else specifically labeled as “Gold Plated”, “Vermeil” (gilded silver or bronze), “Gold Filled”…etc.

Genuine gold jewelry (10K, 14K…etc) will either be stamped somewhere with just the karat value…

…or it’s numerical equivalent (585 for 14k, 750 for 18k…etc)



Gold Filled or Gold Plated jewelry should be clearly marked as such, to differentiate it from SOLID karat gold







Sadly, MANY online jewelers play fast and loose with these terms, and you really have to look at the fine print to make sure you’re getting what you pay for.

What’s the solution? Deal with a jewelry company with a stellar reputation – preferably family-owned – who have been in business for over 35 years. Hmmm, who could that be…?   

Dog Tags: From War to Fashion

“Dog Tags” – slang term for identification tags worn by military personnel – were primarily used for the identification of dead and wounded soldiers; they had personal information about the soldiers such as full name, essential basic medical information, religious preference…etc.

WWI German army dog tag indicating Name, place of birth, battalion, unit and serial number

US Army Dog Tags from WWII



They are still used by the military today, although the shape and materials have changed over the years. Most recently, the US Military decided no longer put soldiers’ Social Security numbers on their dog tags to stave off the threat of identity theft.

Dog Tags as jewelry is a fairly modern trend, and variations of them in all sorts of different metals to commemorate a loved one or convey information abound now.

Some will choose to make a precious-metal replica of an actual tag:

while others will grace the tag with an image of a loved one, be they of the human or furry variety:

From the tiniest dog tag creations to solid gold one’s encrusted with diamonds, this classic look shows no sign of slowing down.

For a look at all the different Dog Tag styles we offer, head over to the Dog Tag Jewelry section of our site.


Sex and the City – and the “Carrie” name necklace – turns 20!

That’s right – the hit HBO series that captivated viewers and had everyone asking: “Are you a Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda?” premiered in June 1998. Feel old?
Kristin Davis, who played good girl Charlotte York on the groundbreaking HBO series, honored the special occasion on Instagram with a note of gratitude for everyone — including fans — who helped make “SATC” great.
Throughout the series’ run, boundary-pushing fashion and style were always front and center, but we can argue that NOTHING was more iconic to Carrie than her 14K Gold “Carrie” name necklace!

As many of you already know, we created the original “classic script” name necklace style worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in the show. In the 80’s and 90’s, we manufactured nameplates for many jewelers in the New York City area, and eventually our classic 14k gold script name necklace style found it’s way – via Patricia Field – onto the famous neck of Carrie Bradshaw. The rest is history!!

Who could forget that final SATC scene when Carrie walks out of frame wearing the fur coat we met her in from Season 1, along with her newly-found name necklace she thought she had lost? Not us!!

Get your VERY OWN “Carrie” Name Necklace HERE

Our world famous 14K Gold “Classic Script” Name Necklace

Farewell ladies!! 

Think Pink – Rose Gold is back! Again.

There’s something about the color pink. Often associated with charm, politeness, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness and the romantic, it can also occasionally be a bit over-the-top:

Whatever your feelings about pink, there’s no denying it presence in jewelry in the form of Rose Gold.
Now, pure gold (24 karat) is ALWAYS going to be yellow, but is generally too soft to be used in jewelry that will actually be worn. 14K Gold (the US standard for fine gold jewelry) is actually 24K gold alloyed with other metals to make it harder and more durable. It’s generally alloyed with a combination of silver, copper, nickel and other metals to make both 14k yellow and white gold, but when a specific ratio of gold and copper is alloyed together the result is a pinkish/reddish hued metal generally know as Rose Gold:

A little funky, a little different, and definitely not for everyone – Rose Gold is always going to be the outside-the-box fashion option for those who want to change it up a little.

14K Rose Gold Monogram Initial Bracelet

Did you know that aside from Yellow & White Gold, we can ALSO make most of our custom personalized jewelry in 14K Rose Gold?

True story!


The “Cheap Jewelry” conundrum

Generally, “cheap” is a bad word. No one wants to be called cheap, and – for jewelry specifically – no one wants to wear something that feels or looks cheap.

So why is there so much cheap jewelry out there? I don’t want to name names, but some of the most popular and wide-spread jewelry chains (two of them  rhyme with “Bails” and “Hay”) are notorious for thin, super-lightweight pieces with extremely low-quality diamonds/gemstones.

There’s no two ways about it, gold is NOT inexpensive (as of the day this post was published, Gold was trading at $1,330.00 per oz), and the price of ANY piece of 14k gold jewelry will depend on it’s weight/quality.
Overly cheap jewelry – i.e., flimsy, lightweight jewelry that is cheaply made – will ALWAYS come at a price.

Example of how a disappointed jewelry recipient might look

So what is a discerning jewelry buyer who doesn’t have $$ to burn do?
Purchase jewelry from a reputable jeweler – preferably a small, family-owned company who has been in business for almost 40 years – who strive to keep their prices reasonable while STILL making high quality, substantial jewelry that will stand the test of time.
(hint: vvvv IT’S US!!! vvvv)

Tiny Jewelry…

Fashion is often about extremes: Extremely bold. Extremely bright. Extremely…small.

These tiny treasures are the perfect way to show the world small can be beautiful!

These new Mini Charm Necklaces can be custom designed by you!

Mio Memento Mini Charm Necklaces

Our 14K Gold Mini Name Necklaces are a petite version of our classic name necklace.
And are awesome!!

14K Gold Mini Lowercase Name Necklaces








So don’t be afraid to go small…

14K Gold Mini Necklace

14K Gold Micro-Mini Dog Tag Necklace

Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts – 2018

It’s that time of year again. Love is in the air…or not.

How bad can Bad Valentine’s Day Gifts get? Hold our beer…

These two – aside from being clearly deranged – aren’t really dressed for “Mittens Weather”, so we’re not even sure what’s going on here.








Show some love this Valentine’s Day…or help them get a jump-start on those pesky divorce papers!

Gag gifts like this are a great idea if you want a nice quiet Valentine’s Day – because they definitely won’t be speaking to you for awhile.


No ring? Give her Wings! See you in ICU…

A bouquet of Bacon Roses? I’m not gonna lie, this actually sounds pretty awesome.

Here’s to better choices in 2018…Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Let It Beard…

I came across a blog post about a new jewelry trend: Jewelry for beards.

I’m not even sure this is actually a trend, but there IS a real company – Krato Milano – that touts themselves as creating the First Ever Jewelry Collection For Bearded Men

I am not making this up. Click the link above – I’ll wait…

BTW, I found this article on Beardoholic, a website that’s dedicated to all things beard.They have sub-categories dedicated to Beard Care, Beard Problems, Beard Styles…etc and are quite comprehensive.

I am not making this up either.

No words, except I think the Beatles said it best: Let It Beard, Let It Beard…  Something like that.

If you’re looking for cool, personalized jewelry OTHER than Beard Jewelry – you know where to find us:

The timeless power of…gold!

The other night while celebrating our 32nd wedding anniversary (!!!) at our favorite old-time ice cream parlor, Jaxsons, it dawned on me once again why  – out of all the different types of metals/materials used for jewelry these days – 14k gold still reigns supreme.

I noticed that my wife was wearing the 14k gold “ROBERT♥ELISA” necklace I gave to her  – made by my dad – when we were still in high school, over 35 years ago!

High School Sweethearts. Yes, we were adorable.

35+ years later, necklace – and Elisa – still lookin’ pretty good!

It may sound corny, but that’s the power of gold 🙂

It’s also why – although admittedly a little pricier now than it was in 1981 (the price of gold averaged $450 per oz on 1981…today it’s around $1,300 per oz) – it’s still our go-to material for special jewelry designed to stand the test of time.

And in case you’re wondering, that particular nameplate style is STILL AVAILABLE on our website!

And the ice cream was AWESOME!!

5 Exceptionally Bad Valentine’s Day Gifts

You don’t HAVE to get your valentine a lovely piece of jewelry – although it’s obviously the best choice and you’d be silly not to. Really.

But if you stubbornly refuse to take my sage advice, at least promise me you will never, ever give one of these gifts.
Unless your goal is to make them your ex-valentine:

A string instead of a ring? Good luck with that!

A gym membership is rarely a good gift idea. For Valentine’s Day it’s a horribly bad one.

Nothing says “Run for the hills!” quite like this hoodie for two!

“Darling…about that halitosis!”

Love means never having to arrange your own funeral 🙁









Soooo, what’s a clueless Valentine’s Day gift giver to do? Here’s some ideas…