Jewelry for Kids – the South Florida perspective

So, jewelry for kids? I’m not talking colorful costume trinkets or ring pops, but genuine 14k gold jewelry designed for little ones.
Is it too much too soon?Blog-Baby MrT

Living in South Florida for the past 25 years my opinion might be a little skewed, as a little baby bling – especially the omnipresent baby ID bracelet – is kind of a mainstay down here.

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Some feel like it’s just another thing for a little one to chew on, but the reality is that once they get used to wearing a little bracelet or necklace there are more interesting things out there for them to get their teeth on.

And generally they’re only going to be wearing their swag when it’s dress-up or family outing time.

Blog-baby dress up

The bracelets can be (and usually are) left on pretty much all the time, but necklaces and especially rings (choking hazard!) should be for supervised wear only.

Are there little ones in your life that could use some adornment?
Say no more…

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