The timeless power of…gold!

The other night while celebrating our 32nd wedding anniversary (!!!) at our favorite old-time ice cream parlor, Jaxsons, it dawned on me once again why  – out of all the different types of metals/materials used for jewelry these days – 14k gold still reigns supreme.

I noticed that my wife was wearing the 14k gold “ROBERT♥ELISA” necklace I gave to her  – made by my dad – when we were still in high school, over 35 years ago!

High School Sweethearts. Yes, we were adorable.

35+ years later, necklace – and Elisa – still lookin’ pretty good!

It may sound corny, but that’s the power of gold 🙂

It’s also why – although admittedly a little pricier now than it was in 1981 (the price of gold averaged $450 per oz on 1981…today it’s around $1,300 per oz) – it’s still our go-to material for special jewelry designed to stand the test of time.

And in case you’re wondering, that particular nameplate style is STILL AVAILABLE on our website!

And the ice cream was AWESOME!!

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